Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill out a form for every vehicle?  Yes.  Every vehicle needs a separate form

When Do You Deliver Our Vehicles? On the easy online form, we ask that you provide a date and time when you will be coming out of the water.  I generally deliver the day before you come out. I have learned over the years, that this is a good policy as if there is a tire or mechanical issue, I can have it fixed for you for your return home. Also at times, folks have come out early. There are times, however, due to scheduling conflicts, I may deliver the day of, or a few days before you come out.   My main priority is your vehicle, plus we want you to use us again. I have a safe secured large lot to store your vehicles in.  Also we can keep valuables in the office and for long trips I have a freezer for second leg river journeys from the Middle Fork or Main Salmon to Heller Bar - No charge to you.

How Do I Get My Keys To You?  Since we are on the way to Hammer Creek (3 miles) it is easy and convenient for you to drop off your keys, pick up your stickers/pass and guide books.  If you doing a Main Salmon, Middle Fork or Selway Shuttle or going from Pine Bar to Heller Bar, you can stash your keys in a secret spot as designated by you on the secure online form.  If there is anyone in your group with a keycode, it's best to leave all of your group's keys in that vehicle and we can just access the code.  We will accommodate all requests.

Is It Appropriate To Tip?

Everyone appreciates appreciation, whether it is in the form of money or a pat on the back. If you give us a tip for the driver, we give it to them after the successful shuttle.  If you leave money in your rig but do not label it as a tip, the driver WILL not touch it. 15% seems to be the standard, but it is your business and not mandatory, we will treat your rig like gold no matter what!


Do I need a Discover Pass?or the Invasive Species Sticker for Idaho

For Washington State, folks now need to pay for the right to park at Heller Bar.  You can go online  or you can just buy them from me at the office.  We have the invasive species sticker in the office, and River Guides, complimentary river notes about rapids and camps.

Always leave a note in the vehicle if your key or take out directions differ from your form.


Please email us at if you want to cancel, text 208-553-5411. If its in print, its easier to track.


There is no cancellation fee if you notify us within 24 hours on the Middle Fork, Main and Selway


For the Lower Salmon or Snake, please just let me know, as I am right in town.  Leaving a note at in a car at put in is not very courteous, so please

come by the office or email me to officially cancel your shuttle.


We do not do people shuttles.  Our insurance does not cover paid passengers.


We are not a taxi service.


ARS will not shuttle vehicles with doughnuts on the main salmon, middle fork salmon and selway rivers.